Bombed during World War II, St George’s Garrison Church survives as an evocative ruin with recently conserved mosaics, and a modern canopy roof, for all to enjoy.

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July round-up - news and events of the month

The weekly Wednesday afternoon events, aimed at parents with young children continued throughout the month. They were largely organised by Ruth who produced refreshments and the provision of toys and books. Those parents and kids who did attend thoroughly enjoyed the afternoons for which by and large we enjoyed very good weather. It is disappointing that more of the Army families did not attend but we are keen to build on the foundations which we have established, as the bringing together of the military family and the local community is at the heart of what the Trust exists for.

In that regard we have just sent off an application to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund to support our activities. We have been notified of a grant from the Greenwich Growth Fund of £3,000 for which we are very grateful. As soon as that sum has been received we will begin on the refurbishment of the kitchen.

The Interfaith Event on 23rd July was much enjoyed by all those who attended. A separate piece relating to that event is under Events. In addition we hosted 2 private parties during the course of July. Income from this type of event is crucial to our cash flow and many of those who attended the parties who had not visited the Garrison Church before and were impressed by its spaciousness, atmosphere and tranquillity.

We also enjoyed the professional visits of 3 specialists who wanted to use the Church. Firstly Simon Withers and his team from Greenwich University completed their 3D scanning of the Church and the area around it, using recently developed state-of-the-art equipment. The results are spectacular. Secondly Nik Wood the Former BBC producer who created the excellent video of our Commonwealth & Gurkha Garden Gala Dinner at the Officers' Mess in the Barracks has produce another piece of film involving an interview with Juliet Sargeant the designer of the Garden which again will appear on the website as part of the annual garden party event in September. Finally the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, as part of this year’s Festival, are focusing on local champions who will will feature in the opening event with video clips of interviews with relevant local champions. Shri Gurung, one of our trustees and a major player in the local Gurkha Community is one of those who is being featured with his video contribution being filmed at the Church.

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St George's Garrison Church in Woolwich, with its modern canopy roof and stunning mosaics, is both an evocative ruin and a contemporary space. Designed by Thomas H Wyatt in an Italian-Romanesque style, the Church was built between 1862-63 to serve the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. Today it is run by a local group, the Woolwich Garrison Church Trust who are committed to making it available for all to visit and enjoy. Directly opposite the Barracks in Woolwich, South East London, come and enjoy its beauty and peaceful garden.

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