Bombed during World War II, St George’s Garrison Church survives as an evocative ruin with recently conserved mosaics, and a modern canopy roof, for all to enjoy.

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Event Highlight! Family Fun Day

Saturday 9th September, gates open at 2.00pm

As with all the events we organise at the Church, those who attended had a thoroughly enjoyable time but it was disappointing that not more families were there. For those who were present or read this, do keep in touch through our website with the events that we are putting on at the Church and give us your support.

Saturday 9th September was a lovely late summer's afternoon, and the entertainments began with Boppin' Bunnies, a musical entertainment team for young children. They have contributed to events at the Church before and involve all young children in singing ad dancing to some of childhood's best-known songs.

A stall selling popcorn, candy floss and slush puppies was a popular attraction throughout the afternoon. Ice cream and face painting also contributed to the family entertainment. 

Wilf Kirk was also re-visiting the Church with 2 acts on his steel drum, mixing Caribbean calypsos, Spirituals and popular songs. It is difficult not to get enthused by the sound of a master steel band performer and Wilf again came up trumps.

Jon Hicks,a local entertainer who styles himself an International Man of Artistry, put on an extraordinary and memorable performance. The highlight was some spectacular and apparently random daubs of paint on a life-sized canvas which transformed into pictures of Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley. The latter of those was “painted” upside down and only when Jon swivelled it round did you see the likeness.

The final act of the afternoon was Charlton-based singer-songwriter Owen Morgan who delivered an atmospheric acoustic set of moving songs from the canon of Bob Dylan to Cat Stevens and his own compositions. A fitting act to end an enjoyable day.

In the evening as the opening night of the Charlton & Woolwich Free Film Festival, we hosted a screening of Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. There was a very good turnout for the film and the audience was not disappointed; an entertaining romp through a fantastical land of magic and mayhem followed, with Hugh Grant turning in a particularly comedic villainous performance as power-hungry Forge. The balmy weather with a selection of chilled wines and beer on tap making for a perfect summer's evening.

Boppin' Bunnies
Face Painting
Yoga Session
Ice cream at the Garrison
Jon Hicks, International Man of Artistry
Charlton-based singer-songwriter, Owen Morgan

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St George's Garrison Church in Woolwich, with its modern canopy roof and stunning mosaics, is both an evocative ruin and a contemporary space. Designed by Thomas H Wyatt in an Italian-Romanesque style, the Church was built between 1862-63 to serve the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. Today it is run by a local group, the Woolwich Garrison Church Trust who are committed to making it available for all to visit and enjoy. Directly opposite the Barracks in Woolwich, South East London, come and enjoy its beauty and peaceful garden.

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