Bombed during World War II, St George’s Garrison Church survives as an evocative ruin with recently conserved mosaics, and a modern canopy roof, now available for all to enjoy.



Sunday 21st July, 2019 from 3 to 6 pm

STORIES & HISTORIES – Progression’s Summer 2019 Season - CHARGED

This mini-festival was co-produced by young artists and producers from the Progression Young Producers programme.

CHARGED was an end of season mini-festival, celebrating work created at GLYPT as part of Progression, alongside special guest artists. For Summer 2019, they returned to St George’s for a special outdoor edition – four pieces featuring dance, circus, music and theatre.This was an opportunity to see and support the upcoming new talent in our community.

There were premieres from two companies GLYPT have been supporting this season: Coco & Ella was about the objectification of women’s bodies; and StiltsPro was a fable about discrimination towards other species, performed obviously but not exclusively on stilts.

There were two pieces from this year's season: Reach Theatre Company with some scenes from their last surreal extravaganza; and Ignatius!, Created in a Progression project, this was the story of Charles Ignatius Sancho, the first black man to vote in the UK.

Four very distinct pieces celebrating the breadth of work and artists GLYPT have been supporting over the last 3 months.

INTERLACED CYCLES (Premiere) by Coco & Ella (Supported Artist)

Knitted pieces met movement in a piece exploring ideas surrounding inhabiting space as a woman. A series of movement scores working with knitted pieces designed and created in response to a series of conversations between the artists about their existence as women in society.

Ella Tighe, dance artist and Coco Cripps, textile designer brought their practices together to explore the cyclical nature of womanhood.



by StiltsPro (Supported Artist)

Two different species collide: the long-legged people versus the short legged ones. Interspecies love might change it all though. A fable for our times on and off stilts

StiltsPro has been offering stilt-walking courses since 2017. This piece was created with the active encouragement of André Pink, the Progression producer working together with the actors..



by Tramshed’s Reach Theatre Company

Doris and Doreen - two 90 year old grannies looking for love, fresh from their escape from a nursing home. They discuss Netflix and Chill, ex-husbands and how to swing like it was the 1920’s. Mothers – lock up your sons as there are no 90 year olds like them!

Performed by Felicity Turner and Rachael Darcy, and Directed by Hazel Bracken.

Reach Theatre is a Company for young adults with learning disabilities



A Progression Project

The Tramshed was commissioned by Greenwich Park to create an outdoor piece of theatre about the life of the first black man to vote in England: Charles Ignatius Sancho. The director Lucy Coren and the writer Joseph Tunde Euba created a fun and informative promenade outdoor show. This was seen by over 500 people in 6 performances this June and the cast revived it for Charged.


Venue: St George's Garrison Church, Woolwich, SE18 6XJ

Dates: 21st July 2019

Times: 3pm-6pm

Price: £3

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Interlaced Cycles1
Interlaced Cycles 2
Between 2 Worlds 1
Between 2 Worlds 2
Ignatius 1
Ignatius 2
Curtain Call

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St George's Garrison Church in Woolwich, with its modern canopy roof and stunning mosaics, is both an evocative ruin and a contemporary space. Designed by Thomas H Wyatt in an Italian-Romanesque style, the Church was built between 1862-63 to serve the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. Today it is run by a local group, the Woolwich Garrison Church Trust who are committed to making it available for all to visit and enjoy. Directly opposite the Barracks in Woolwich, South East London, come and enjoy its beauty and peaceful garden.

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