Bombed during World War II, St George’s Garrison Church survives as an evocative ruin with recently conserved mosaics, and a modern canopy roof, now available for all to enjoy.


Changeling Theatre - The Winter’s Tale

Performance on 2nd July at 7.30 pm - Buy Tickets from GLYPT

Shakespeare - with added Abba!

Returning for the third year, the talented Changeling Theatre will perform Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale at the Church on Tuesday the 2nd July at 7.30 pm. As the evening sets and the stage lights up we see a wonderful fairy story taking place in Sicily and Bohemia. Leontes has everything a man could want: wealth, power, a family who love him and friends. But he is not at peace. Inside he harbours a bitter jealousy driving him to destroy all he holds dear...Many years later, in a distant country, things happen...which may ultimately heal his pain and reunite his family. But do they? The play contains Shakespeare’s most famous but challenging stage direction: ‘Exit, pursued by a bear.’

With all the crazy antics of the Changeling magic, plus beautiful costumes and just a hint of ABBA!

Tickets available now from GLYPT

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St George's Garrison Church in Woolwich, with its modern canopy roof and stunning mosaics, is both an evocative ruin and a contemporary space. Designed by Thomas H Wyatt in an Italian-Romanesque style, the Church was built between 1862-63 to serve the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. Today it is run by a local group, the Woolwich Garrison Church Trust who are committed to making it available for all to visit and enjoy. Directly opposite the Barracks in Woolwich, South East London, come and enjoy its beauty and peaceful garden.

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  • Designed by Thomas H Wyatt, the Church was built between 1862-63 to serve the Royal Artillery in Woolwich. Today it……
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